Friday, 24 January 2014

25 Things About Me

So seeing as were going to get to know one another i thought i would introduce myself but giving you 25 facts about me. Most of them are important but some of them are just plain random, so here goes 25 facts about me.

1) I have a weird obsession with hand Gel (see an example on my December Favorites)
2) I have a dog called Bessie the Westie
3) I am a skateboarder
4) I live in Britain
5) For my GSCES i took Graphic Design, German, Music and Drama
6) I have an addiction to YouTube
7) At first i appear really shy but once you get to know me i might seem a bit weird (in a good way though!)
8) I sing all the time, but i get really nervous when my family want to hear me sing!
9) I always get really cold for some reason
10) I always plan ahead (even if i am just going shopping)
11) This is really random but my friends say they never see me without cranberry juice
12) One of my best friends started blogging at the same time as me (Dinosaurgrace)
13)I laugh way to much!
14) My second home is either Starbucks or Costa
15)I love Tea! (I have a big shelf of tea at home)
16) My favorite animals are owls, foxes and hedgehogs!
17) I have some of the funnest friends possible
18) I am pretty ill at the moment (i won't get into it!)
19) My Birthday is the 8th of November
20) I am fifteen
21) One of my biggest influences is my brother
22) I really either want to move to Scotland or America
23) I have dislocated and broke my arm twice and had to have pins and plates (pieces of metal in my arm!)
24) I have also broke my wrist and thumb before (Everyone says that i am 'accident prone')    
25) I take alot of photographs as i think the capture memory's!

So there we have it! 25 facts about me! Now alot of them are random but this is the type of person I am! I am just a random person! I hope you enjoyed this! x

Thanks x

Bethany Howe x

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

December Favorites

So I am now starting blogging so I thought I would share some of my recent December favorites x 
So firstly could I just mention that December was one of those months where I tried a lot of new stuff, beauty products, skincare, tea' s and then there were a couple of random items. But all in all I had fun trying new things and now we shall get on with it! 

Benefit's The Porefessional and They're Real Mascara
So as I was saying I tried out a lot of new beauty products over December but there were two products that shone out from the rest, one of the products was Benefit's The PoreFessional. Now before I tried this I hadn't tried any Benefit products before so I had high hopes and to my delight The Porefessional pro balm really lives up to it's name!  It's silky smooth and makes my skin look flawless. Also I tried out They're Real Mascara which is also a great product (of course it would be or it wouldn't be in my December Favorites!) but this mascara makes your lashes look 10x bigger than your normal mascara, it's easy to apply and all round a great mascara! Well done Benefit!

Bath and Body Works Farmstall Apple Pocketbac
If you haven't gathered already I live in the UK and here in the UK we don't have Bath and body works. But I have heard so much about the shop so I had to order something online! So I settled on getting a hand sanitizer called a Pocketbac. I did get two but there is one Pocketbac that I take everywhere with me, and it's called Farmstall apple. It literally smells like I have just cut up apples and mashed them into my hand (not in a weird way!) but the fragrance is so sweet and just incredible, and the best part is it kills germs as well. Bonus! 

The Body Shop Ginger Sparkle Shower Gel
I got this shower gel at the very beginning of December because I was trying to get myself into the festive spirit, so I ran into the Body Shop and picked up the Ginger Sparkle Shower gel which smells of a freshly baked ginger cookie and the smell lasts for along time! The actual product is a gingery/gold colour (it is a gingerbread shower gel!) it made me get into the festive spirit and also lasted the whole month and I still have a little bit left! 

Twining's Warming Chamomile And Spiced Apple Tea
As I said, I was trying out a lot of new things in the month of December and one category was tea! Now I'm a big tea lover and I love to experiment with different flavors of tea so when I was in the grocery store I picked up Twinings spiced apple tea. At first I regretted buying it because I intended to buy Chai tea instead but most 'new' teas I try I don't like the taste of, but when I got it home and tried it I was really shocked, it tastes of (well of course) spiced apple and is really relaxing! Especially when your half way through coursework! 

Owl Mug From Wilkinsons
I haven't really mentioned but my second love is owls! I love owls so much so when I unwrapped this mug in my stocking at Christmas I cried (not really) but the tea and mug is a great pair. It's such a cute mug and I will be using this all year now! 

So there is my December favorites, i hope you enjoyed reading this post! 
Thanks x 

Bethany Howe x  

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

A Quick Hello!

As you have probably gathered, My Name is Bethany Howe and i will be blogging a couple of times in the week, there will be three different category's: Beauty, Lifestyle and D.I.Ys.   It will be a mix of everything really, hopefully will enjoy this Blog as much as i like to write new posts!
 And sorry this is such a short post, it's only really a introduction x
Thanks x

Bethany Howe x