Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Avobath From Lush

I said this on my last post but my camera is now coming back from repairs on Friday! I am so upset that I cannot upload any pictures yet! But they will all be uploaded on Friday! Rather than me not uploading I thought I would, just minus the images :( sorry x

Now this isn't a secret but I love Lush products. From bath bombs to shower jelly's, Fun to there incredible skincare line which I have reviewed previously. Lush is that type of brand that starts the trends and makes everyone follow. I never go out of Lush without a product *cough* *cough* *bag of products* to give a whirl, nine out of ten times I will always repurchase. But there was one product that really caught my eye when I was dashing frantically into Lush in London Liverpool Street Station as the train was just arriving, I was searching for a bath bomb in particular as I just wanted to relax when I got home from a busy day out with my family. "Twilight? No I've repurchased that one a lot, Dragons egg? My favorite of course! Think pink? Avobath? I've never took much notice of you before" I briefly smelt the bath bomb (as you do) and met my family and got on the train home (thankfully!)

By the time I had got home I was really really tired, tired of catching the tubes to Oxford Street, Convent Garden, Leicester square and standing for almost all the time. I felt like I needed a bath, not only to relax but to wash away the city from me. I found the Lush bag among the reminisce of some shopping bags and I got excited. I was a bit worried just because I had never tried Avobath, but like I said, I like nine out of ten items I purchase from Lush!

So as usual I ran my bath and plonked it in (of course! what else would I do?) And to my surprise it was a calming, relaxing bath bomb. Rather than the usual bath bombs I get they are normally a bit 'overpowering' but Avobath was subtle but still did me the world of good!
Now this is TMI (to much information) but I am suffering from sinusitis which means all of my sinuses are all blocked up, resulting in me not being able to smell or taste anything! But I found that Avobath slowly helped me to relax and help my sinuses go back to normal. Now I'm not saying this is a miracle worker as I am still suffering with sinusitis but the time I was in the bath it helped! The scent (that I could actually smell!) was avocados, but also a burst of lemongrass. Avocado and olive oil helps moisturise the skin, where the bergamot oil will help you get through the day (if you use it in the morning, it will give you a burst of energy!) There is a slight green shimmer that helps make the bath green and give your skin that extra boost! (Who would have thought?)
In Lush at the moment Avobath is £3.25. I think that is a superb price for a bath bomb, you could use it all in one go and get the full effect, or you could split it in half! It's up to you!
If you are near a Lush store I strongly recommend you getting one!

Thanks x

Bethany Howe x

Monday, 28 April 2014

D.I.Y Monday #1: The S.L.T Breakfast Smootie

Before you read this I just want to explain that my camera is still in repairs but I will be able to collect it tommorow, once it is all working I will take some pictures of the process and quickly insert them into this post. Again I am sorry but they will be up shortly.

Yay! Finally I have created a D.I.Y post! As of my new timetable I will be posting a new D.I.Y post every Monday. So introducing the S.L.T series, your proberly thinking, "what does S.L.T stand for" Well that is the name for my new D.I.Y series, 'Smells Good, Looks Good, Tastes Good!' So to kick off of the series we have a breakfast smoothie I have been making every other morning! Starring oats, bananas, pumpkin seeds, milk and maple syrup you won't even need to turn on the stove to make that porridge. But of course you can adapt this recipe to what ever you like! Hungry? Let's get started!

One cup of milk (of your preference)
One sachet of original porridge oats (you can buy these from any Supermarket)
One Tablespoon of Maple syrup
A half tablespoon of Pumpkin Seeds
A whole Banana
Ice cubes

Put all of the ingredients into your blender and you guessed it! Blend it up! Leave it blending for how ever long you want and enjoy! A quick simple heathy breakfast that smells good, looks good, tastes good! To make it look extra good use a straw and decorate your smoothie with almonds, bananas, extra maple syrup etc... And your set to go!

Have fun making this smoothie and I will see you next Friday for another D.I.Y post or on Wednesday for a new beauty post! See you soon!

P.S A clue for next Monday's D.I.Y post includes a quick and heathy alturnative to pizza!

Thanks x

Bethany Howe x

Friday, 25 April 2014

A Slight Addiction #4

Well look at the time, it's the time for another slight addiction post. I have been addicted to many things this month but one product that I have been using nonstop is the Hoola bronzer from Benefit.

I'm not a bronzing type of girl, blush over bronzer any day for me. But there was a miniature of the Hoola bronzer from Benefit in my make up bag. One lazy (aka no make up day) I was testing out some products that I don't regularly use. I started testing the bronzer out on the back of my hand and I was a bit put off by the colour I saw on my hand but nevertheless I put some on my face and I blended it out with a kabuki brush and I was set!

I am a big fan of Benefit product and I was so pleased with the outcome of this bronzer, I think that it has the perfect shade that you can apply to almost any skin tone. It's perfect for Spring and Summer if your like me and your are pale or you just want to get the bronzed goddess look!
I have been using it every day this month! I love this bronzer, I think I might have been converted.

In the UK Hoola bronzer retails at £23.50 or you could just keep a look out for a trial size product. I will see you soon with another slight addiction post.

Thanks x

Bethany Howe x

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

A Timetable At Last!

Hello Everyone!
I am sorry in advance as this is only going to be a short post, but saying that I have some great news! I have finally put together a timetable for my blog posts so you can always be updated with my recent blog posts.

I will now be blogging every two days:
 Monday: D.I.Y.S
Wednesday: Beauty
Friday: Lifestyle

I will also be vlogging as well throughout the week/weekend, I did have a vlog to upload when I traveled to London last Friday but alas, my camera has decided to break on me! Don't worry as soon as I get it back from repairs (the longest waiting time would be a week) I will upload it!

Again sorry this was such a short post but I just wanted to inform you about the new timetable!
See you soon!

Thanks x

Bethany Howe x

Sunday, 20 April 2014

D.I.Y Blueberry Face Mask

When the weather is blue you need to fight back and give your skin the moisture it needs. A way to fight off your blues is pampering yourself with a facemask. Now what better way to fight the blues with something even more blue. Blueberries. Astonishingly blueberrys have a lot of hidden benefits like they are packed with vitamin C and D. They are one of many foods that have antioxidants in them. Why not enhance all of that goodness and use all of those benefits to your advantage by pampering yourself with a simple D.I.Y blueberry facemask.

All you will need is:
One/two tablespoons of honey
2/3 tablespoons of Greek yogurt 
A small handful of blueberries 
If you find that your face mask mixture is too thin in consitancy you should add a very small amount of flour which will make your facemask mixture thicker.

Now once you have mixed your ingredients together just get either a hand blender or what I did was used a fork and mashed the blueberries in the mixture until they have completely crushed. (Because we don't want whole blueberries on your face!) 

Now all that is left to do is to apply it to your skin and relax! It is really that simple, think about how it is inriching your skin with all of those natural ingredients.

Thanks x

Bethany Howe x

Monday, 14 April 2014

The Beauty Scenario Tag

Lily Pebbles originally created this tag and posted it on YouTube, a couple of days ago one of her best friends Anna (aka Vivinana Does Make Up) also posted this tag on YouTube and she tagged anyone to respond to the tag and create their own. So I thought, why don't I give it a whirl myself!

1. You have to get rid of all of your foundations but you can only keep one drugstore and one high-end foundation, what do you pick?
Well I don't think that this is that difficult for me, if I had to pick a drugstore foundation I would pick Rimmel True Match. I love this foundation so much because it's medium coverage and great for any day. (And also it has a pump!) For the highend foundation I would easily pick a new favourite of mine, Benefit''s The Big Easy, technically it's a tinted moisturiser, but I think it counts.

2. You go to a job interview and the lady that is interviewing you has lipstick on her teeth. do you approach the subject or ignore it completely? 
Oh, this is a big problem. I would hate it if I had lipstick on my teeth and nobody told me, but if she was an 'easy going' lady I would say to her in a polite way. But if she was a stern lady I think I would steer well clear of suggesting anything about lipstick.

3. Your not feeling yourself and you need a pick me up lipstick, which one do you go for? 
When I'm not feeling myself I always go for a light pastel pink lipstick, especially MAC's Rose Lily lipstick. When ever I'm feeling down or not myself I always reach for this lipstick. Sheer and pastel pink, happy days.

4. You go back in time for a day to your teenage years, how would you do your hair and make up differently? 
I thought that I would have to think for along time about this question, but It just came to me in a 'flash' I always regretted not doing anything with my hair for about a year, I would always brush it in the morning and leave it. My mum would always say "why don't you style your hair differently?" And my answer for everything would be "It's fine how it is!" And mum is always right! I don't think I would change my make up because it was very natural and that is how my make up is now.

5. You ask your hairdresser for a shoulder length Pixie Lott hair cut but they hear wrong and give you a pixie cut. Do you A) Smile, say thank you, leave and call your mum and cry hysterical. B) Cry in the chair and things get awkward or C) Complain to the manager and demand a refund? 
I have been growing my hair for such a long time (no pun intended!) and I would love it to be even longer but I'm not confident person in some social situations so I couldn't complain I would opt for A and be polite and say thank you and call up my mum and cry hysterical!

6. Your friend surprises you with a four day city break and you have one hour to pack. Which 'do it all' palette do you pack? 
Oh, this is proving a problem for me. I would be frantically chucking random items in my bag.  I would most likely be packing ten lip products. A 'do it all' palette I have been using recently has been my Revlon Colourstay sixteen hour eye palette. An easy, affordable palette that can be used for any occasion.

7. Your house has been robbed. Don't worry everyone is safe but your beauty stash has been raided. What's the one product you really hope that's safe? 
As long as everyone's safe I don't mind, that's the main thing. But I would be really upset if my Dior five colour eye shadow palette had been stolen. It's small and compact and I take it everywhere with me, I don't think you can buy it anymore?

8. Your friend borrows your make up and returns it in a awful condition, do you A) just pretend you haven't noticed B) ask them to repurchase it or C) secretly do the same to something of theirs? 
I would opt for A, I trust my friends with anything of mine, including make up. I would never secretly wreck someone else's make up, it's just as bad and you won't be solving anything!

I hoped you enjoyed this tag, why not give it a whirl yourself?

Thanks x

Bethany Howe x

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Lush Review #2

So here is the second part of my Lush skincare review. Another four products that Ii have brought to the test.

9 To 5 Cleanser (95g/£4.95) 
I think that this cleansing lotion is the best I have ever tried. (and I have tried a lot) It is perfectly balanced with almond oil and dove orchid to brighten your skin and make your skin feel refreshed after a long day. If you have sensitive skin I think that this would be perfect as it soothes your skin whilst removing any dirt or make up left on your skin. It's floral scent is the sweet ylang ylang oil. It's perfect quick option when your in a hurry.
My honest rating of this product is 4/5. Brightening, removes make up, soothing. What have I done without it?

Oatifix Fresh Facemask (75g/£6.25) 
I really like this Fresh Facemask. Firstly because when you apply the product to your skin it is so cooling and refreshing because it has to be kept in the fridge. If not. It will not be pleasant, because this is a fresh facemask with fresh ingredients it must be kept in the fridge. I really like the ingredients in this product, ranging from banana's to moisturize dry skin. Oatmeal and ground almonds to exfoliate the skin. This facemask is aimed at people with normal to dry skin, but mainly dry skin. I liked this product because it was moisturizing  the only slight problem I had with it was that it tends to not have an 'even' coverage on your skin. but nonetheless it still is a brilliant product that I will continue using. It s perfect if you have dry patches on you skin because 'wow' this product makes my face so soft afterwards. Just leave the mask on to 10/15 minutes and then wash it off with warm water.
My honest rating of this product is 3/5. It leaves your skin so soft and perfect for dry skin.
 Eau Roma Water (100g/£3.95 or 250g/£7.50)  Toner
Before I used this toner I wasn't that obsessed with toners, of course I had one to hand every night but I always stuck to the same toner. I know that you should have a little change up with your skincare items but I didn't think toners where that big of a deal. I was wrong. Very wrong. I found this toner to be a very soothing and gentle toner that wasn't harsh. After a while of using my 'old' toner I found it to be harsh on my skin, it felt great when I was trying Eau Roma Water because like I said it wasn't harsh, it was relaxing and soothing and also it has rose and lavender in the product to help cleanse your skin.
My honest rating of this product is 4/5. Amazing value for money, simple and soothing.
Imperialis (45g/£12.95) Moisturiser
I don't like 'heavy' facial moisturisers, so luckily this is the complete opposite! Imperialis is a light facial moisturiser that is bursting with ingredients like lavender, sunflower, elderflower, sweet violet and many more natural ingredients. This is the perfect moisturiser if you don't know what your skin needs, whether it be dry patches, oily skin, combination or normal this caters to everyone's needs. I loved this product because I could actually feel it working, the first day I applied it I could feel a dramatic difference. For the whole day my skin felt so soft and I had some dry patches of skin and what a surprise. They were gone at the end of the day. With most moisturisers I buy I either feel them moisturizing my skin for a couple of hours and then it all stops or they just don't do anything at all. None of this happened with Imperialis. I will be going back to my local Lush store and purchasing this for sure!   
My honest rating of this product is 5/5. A repurchase for sure!
So there you have it, my Lush skincare review. I have really enjoyed trying out all of these products and I will repurchasing many of them! Thank you Lush Cambridge! See you soon x
Thanks x
Bethany Howe x


Monday, 7 April 2014

A Slight Addiction #3

What could be my slight addition this week? There is no shock here but it is tea. But not any ordinary tea but a range of tea in particular. Sleep tea.
I'm not the only one who sometimes finds it difficult to get to sleep, and in the huge array of teas lined up in my pantry I came amongst a stash of Sleep teas from many different brands. I completely forgot about my sleep tea. I thought that it was a great idea that it would help me get to sleep but I am drinking something I love. Tea of course!

There were three boxes of sleep tea that really stood out for me, so starting from number three is Clipper Sleep Easy Tea. My first impressions of this tea was when I poured hot water onto it, the scent is amazing, orange, cinnamon, lemon balm and chamomile. The taste of the tea was soothing and calming but I could really feel an effect of the tea as it relaxed me into a deep sleep. At number two we have Twinings Sleep Tea, the tea claims to drift you off into a peaceful nights sleep whist enjoying the calming blend. I could not see no fault in that statement on the back of the tea box. I find that this is stronger than the Clipper Tea but in a good way, Camomile, lavender, cinnamon and vanilla makes this tea drift you away. This flavour of this tea might not be 'everyone's cup of tea' but it is certainly mine! And finally the tea that stood out for me is not even labeled as a sleep tea but I find that it helps me relax, it's Twinings Warming Camomile & Spiced Apple Tea. This is an Autumn tea but thankfully Twinings still stock it! Crisp apples, Camomile, cinnamon and all things nice. It really helps to de-stress you! I love all of these teas because of course they are all caffeine free. You will see future posts about sleep teas when I purchase more!

I hoped you enjoyed this short post!

Thanks x

Bethany Howe x  

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

10 Steps: Waking Up

Before I start if you are new to my blogs I have created another blog post in the 10 step series which is 10 steps: Winding Down. Now that's out of the way, Wake Up! Follow these ten steps to achieve not being late!

1. Set your alarm just before you go to bed, I know you perhaps feel to tired at night but do it. I have made the same mistake of not doing that. It didn't end well.

2. This links in with the first step but don't, whatever you do just don't ignore your alarm! One minute you look at your clock and it says 6.40AM then in a matter of seconds time flys and it says 7.20AM. Even though your bed is warm you have to resist the temptation.

3. Give yourself a couple of minutes to wake up. If you hear your alarm going off sit up in your bed and turn it off, and then don't 'leap' up out of bed. Be calm and just sit upright in bed for a couple of minutes. If I don't do this i get really dizzy!

4. After you have got out of bed I find what wakes me up is going straight to the bathroom and cleansing your face. Even if your not too keen on a skincare routine you should use even one key product. At the moment I really like the Clean & Clear Morning Burst Facial Scrub, it is a great product to energize you and your skin and to wake you up in the morning.

5. Next if you haven't already, open your curtains! The natural light from outside will wake you up in an instance as it brightens up the whole room and also the natural light helps you when you apply your make up. If you live in a place where not all of the time there are sunbeams racing through your window it still helps.

6.  Now if you like tea (like me) you should have a hot cup of tea in the morning it helps wake you up because as the tea is hot it makes you feel more alert and less sleepy. If you are a true tea lover you should try the Twinning's 'Awake' tea. It's full of natural ingredient's that make you feel 10x more alert.

7. If you have a duty to either take you dog out in the morning or take the rubbish out to your bins the air outside helps you stay awake because instead of being 'warm' in your house the air and climate outside wakes you up. Even if you don't feel like it does, give it a couple of minutes and you will feel a difference.

8. If you followed my advice at the beginning you should have plenty of time spare because you woke up early. Don't rush around, sit down whether it be at you kitchen table or living room. Reward yourself, go and watch the T.V or check Twitter or Instagram. Because you have the time!

9. Have a balanced breakfast, what wakes me up in the morning is either my cup of tea and toast or a cup of orange juice and a slice of toast and some sort of fruit, it could be your favourite piece of fruit or some fruit salad because all of the fruit juices will wake you up, it could be the sweet, tangy-ness of the orange or the colour and variety of the fruit salad.

10. Get you bag, you coat and for me a travel mug of tea and get out of the door. You don't need to sprit down to school or work, you can take a slow walk because your not late. Well... Hopefully!

So there you have it, you shouldn't be late for a very long time! If you like my 10 Steps series I am open to any suggestions that you want me to focus on next time!

Thanks x

Bethany Howe x