Friday, 26 September 2014

Review: Dark Lips For Autumn (Part #1)

So already some of you know that I am starting my new Autumn/Fall season with a lot of reviews, look book's, cooking and some morning/evening routine's to help you get in the spirit! Also watch out for a lot of room decor/inspiration!
If you couldn't tell already Autumn is my favorite season, so why not share it with all you beautiful people out there!

A classic Fall make up staple. Dark Lips.
I used to be really afraid to wear 'dark lip' make up, that consists of dark toned/shaded lipsticks, lip gloss, balm and a array of textures like matte, lacquer... you get the idea.
But don't be put off when people say that you can't 'pull it off' because you just need to find the perfect product for you!

Early this month I tested an array of dark lip products to share with you and to give my honest opinion to you. So grab a hot autumnal drink and let's get started!

Maybelline Electro Baby Lips Balm: Berry Bomb
I have reviewed one of the Baby Lips Electro Balm (Strike A Rose) that will be linked (here). But because the months are getting colder and everyone's wardrobes are in a muddle I thought that I should have a 'muted' dark lip that would act as a introduction to Fall, rather than going 'all' out with a bold matte dark lip. Of course there is nothing wrong with that, I highly respect people who do that. (Gold stars for you!) But I would firstly have a casual introduction to Fall with a balm dark lip. I highly recommend the Maybelline Electro Baby Lip in Berry Bomb, as it has a sheer coverage. But saying that you can also 'build'the colour up and make a somewhat bold lip. Also all of the collection smells really good!

More to come soon...

Thanks x

Bethany Howe x

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Fall Playlist

Those cold walks along the sidewalk with the crisp air against your face. Crunching on the shaded orange leaves. Drinking a Pumpkin Spice Latte on the way to school.
What ever you do you can listen  to this playlist anywhere, just like me! I could be either tidying my room, homework, walking my dog or just 'chilling'.

We all need a soundtrack to Fall. So down below I have chosen what I am listening to now on my Spotify playlist (linked here)

*Disclaimer* Now of course not everyone will have the same music taste as me, and that is fine! But you can either listen to the whole playlist or listed down below are all of the song titles.

So here is my Fall music favorites and also my Fall playlist. Enjoy:

1. Ho Hey: By Lennon & Maisy
2. All Too Well: Taylor Swift
3. Classic: MKTO
4. Starlight: Taylor Swift
5. Best Day Of My Life: American Authors
6. Take A Walk: Passion Pit
7. Here Comes The Night Time: Arcade Fire
8. Golden Brown: The Stranglers
9. The Mother We Share: CHVRCHES
10. On Top Of The World: Imagine Dragons
11. Little Talks: Of Monsters And Men
12. Little Games: The Colourist

Thanks x
Bethany Howe x

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Long Time No See!

As you all know for about the last month I haven't been Blogging. That's something that I cannot stand doing, not just for my benefit but for everyone who reads this.
Before I have been fully committed to keeping up to date with this Blog but last August was quite stressful for me.

But guess who's back and better than ever? That's right, it's me!
I am fully ready with lots of ideas for the new season (which of course is Autumn!)
Autumn is my favourite season and I hope to share it with all of you beautiful people!

So be prepared for tomorrow's post.

Thanks for understanding and have a nice day!

Thanks x

Bethany Howe x